Outdoor networks

WIG’s extensive towers or small cell managed infrastructure, combined with unparalleled experience to give you the best rural, remote or urban networks

Well-managed, customised infrastructure such as high-capacity communication towers can reach remote communities, and support multiple networks. Strategically located small cell urban networks can plug coverage gaps and deliver much needed capacity across a city centre or campus.

In rural parts of the UK 3% of the population still has no coverage – outdoor mobile services remain a challenge. Subscribers expect to stay connected wherever they are. As the population becomes more digitally connected, businesses need to keep pace.

In city centres, mobile connectivity is assumed, but never assured. In transport networks, travel by road or rail across the UK and you will come across many ‘not-spots’ along the way. To support the drive to enhance public transport, or to enable rollouts for connected and autonomous vehicles, these gaps need to be plugged.

How can we help?

WIG has invested in an extensive network of multi-operator communications infrastructure. Our network of more than 3000 shared communication towers stretches across the UK with over half in rural or remote areas. We deliver and manage small cell networks supporting a city’s macro infrastructure or a large scale private mobile network.

We have a breadth of experience delivering connectivity across the UK and beyond. We understand the challenges of outdoor networks and how the right technology choices can make a difference to maximising the business opportunity.

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