The building’s complex design and modern construction materials created significant mobile signal challenges, particularly on higher floors. Some areas of the building had no mobile coverage, leading to poor call quality and frequent dropped calls. In partnership with British Land, we were tasked with ensuring that all tenants, clients and visitors had access to consistent, high-quality mobile services. 

Our talented team of solutions experts, leveraging WIG’s 15 years’ experience, undertook an extensive technical design process in close collaboration with British Land’s technical team and the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). To address the building’s unique characteristics and meet British Land’s requirements, a bespoke Distributed Antenna Solution (DAS) was selected from WIG’s broad portfolio of solutions. This tailored solution effectively overcomes the building’s mobile connectivity challenges. 

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The project successfully delivered reliable mobile connectivity across all 45 floors of The Leadenhall Building, significantly enhancing productivity and user experience. This achievement helped the building secure Platinum WiredScore Certification for its outstanding connectivity infrastructure.

Users no longer experience dropped calls throughout the building, reducing frustration. The reliable mobile services have enhanced productivity by enabling effective communication and creating a more efficient work environment. 

Higher satisfaction across users has improved employee morale and retention rates, while also enhancing the building’s reputation. As a result, the Leadenhall Building is a desirable property and retains its grade A status. 

By implementing an innovative solution that is designed for next-generation technologies, the Leadenhall Building now maintains a competitive advantage with cutting-edge connectivity. 

We provide the Leadenhall Building with real-time network monitoring and maintenance ensuring optimal mobile connectivity all day, every day.