Indoor networks

Indoor mobile infrastructure designed for you, owned and managed by us

High quality connectivity retains guests at your hotel or makes business more ‘fluid’ for your retail tenants and their customers. High-capacity, high-availability, fast mobile connectivity and a positive user experience is a modern utility for owners or operators of commercial property.

Everyone expects flawless mobile connectivity, wherever they are. The reality of delivering that can be complex.

Every building provides a unique challenge to deliver the necessary coverage. From architectural challenges (steel frames and treated glass) to the challenge of capacity surges: such as demands of mobile usage in sports stadiums during matches. Every building needs an innovative solution to meet its individual needs.

How can we help?

WIG is the UK’s leading provider of mobile infrastructure as a service. Our managed mobile infrastructure services underpin the connectivity of some of the UK’s most prestigious real estate. We enable mobile connectivity for more than 1.25 billion visitors a year across offices, hotels, retail, residential and other public venues such as sports stadiums and airports.

We own, install and manage the infrastructure to ensure it continues to deliver the service you expect, now and in the future. Our commitment to service and innovation means our solutions are robust, flexible and future-proof, tailored to commercial and operational priorities and supporting the digital transformation of some of the UK’s leading businesses.