WIG completes multi-operator 5G C-RAN infrastructure for the West Midlands

We have delivered transformative neutral host infrastructure for the city of Birmingham as a part of a complex and hugely ambitious project that involves the development of more than 200 miles of connected road networks across the region.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the potential of the critical technologies underpinning connected vehicles and the future of more sustainable forms of transport. The infrastructure is immediately available to be shared by all MNOs.


Our build plan was specifically designed to minimise disruption for businesses and residents. It was important to manage the complexity of urban deployment, balancing the needs of our MNO anchor partner, Three UK, with the many demands of connected vehicles.

We rolled out our own fibre backbone across the city and partnered with Birmingham City Council to connect tens of thousands of streetscape infrastructure assets.

The infrastructure’s C-RAN architecture allows us to centrally locate the MNO’s baseband equipment within a main equipment room, which is directly connected by dedicated fibre to streetside cabinets.

The street cabinets are located at the base of existing street lighting poles, reducing environmental impact by avoiding unsightly street clutter. The fibre is exclusively located in third-party ducts.

We have designed and built high-quality and scalable C-RAN infrastructure that can enable new mobile capacity in the city as demand grows. We led the design and construction and, going forward, will maintain and operate the infrastructure.

The design’s plug-and-play approach removes much of the complexity normally experienced by mobile operators when deploying in urban centres.

The project gave WIG and Three UK the scope to not only demonstrate the exciting potential of 4G and 5G connected mobility solutions, but it was also able to deliver immediate 5G connectivity benefits to Birmingham ahead of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The deployment builds on WIG’s long track record of pioneering new wireless infrastructure models to support customers and communities.

“We are excited by this project which is supporting the development of the UK’s fastest 5G network in Birmingham, ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Carlo Melis, Chief Network Officer, Three UK

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