Wireless Infrastructure Group achieves health and wellbeing award

02 February 2023 – WIG has been awarded the Paths for All Walk at Work Award for its commitment to improving staff health and wellbeing.

Staff at WIG have been encouraged to walk and move more during the working day through:

  • Providing information for staff on ways to travel to and from the workplace, other organisational premises, and local greenspaces by walking and public transport.
  • Encouraging staff to take an active role in leading workplace walking activities, by creating a walking champion role.
  • Regular communications to promote the health and environmental benefits of walking, sharing ideas for keeping active and motivational messaging.
  • Encouraging the use of online tools to share walking routes, photos, and tips for being active in the office or at home.
  • Providing access to standing desks for both office and home workers to support staff in being more active during their working day.

By promoting walking as an easy way to get to and from work and meetings, WIG is:

  • Looking after employee physical, mental and social health
  • Helping staff retention and attracting new staff
  • Reducing environmental impacts
  • Taking steps towards a healthier, more productive workforce

WIG Wellness Champion, Isabel McRobbie, said:

“We are proud to be holders of Paths for All’s Walk at Work Award. We earned this accreditation by demonstrating a commitment to the health and wellbeing of our staff and the environment. By taking small steps to support our staff to walk more during and around the working day, they are enjoying the many benefits of being active and WIG is contributing to reducing emissions and congestion.”

Recent findings from UK workplaces reveal that half of all employees experience poor mental health at work, including stress, anxiety and depression. Regular walking can reduce the effects of poor mental health, particularly walking in greenspace.

Scotland’s walking charity Paths for All set up the award to help tackle poor health in the workplace and reverse the trend of inactive workplaces where staff sit for up to nine hours a day. The charity provided WIG with one-to-one support to set up activities to get our workforce walking.