WIG takes on leading role in the new Mobile Infrastructure Forum (MIF)

In a significant stride forward in our goal to enhance mobile infrastructure in the UK, the Mobile Infrastructure Forum (MIF) was launched today. MIF is a collaborative effort by four prominent organisations, including WIG, operating large-scale portfolios of shared mobile infrastructure.

WIG communications tower at Glenfinnan, Western Highlands, Scotland

Represented by Alastair Davidson, Director of Strategy and Regulation, WIG will work alongside representatives from Cellnex UK, Cornerstone and Mobile Broadband Network to help achieve the MIF goal of supporting the delivery of world-class mobile infrastructure to improve wireless connectivity for society and businesses in the UK.

Alastair Davidson, Director of Strategy and Regulation at WIG commented:

“As the UK’s leading neutral host infrastructure provider, we strive to deliver the infrastructure needed to help UK society and businesses reap the benefits of world-class wireless connectivity. The MIF forum will give us the platform alongside its other members to inform decision-makers, communicate the benefits of enhanced wireless connectivity and cultivate better relationships between infrastructure providers and landowners to support this vision.”

MIF’s objectives are to:

  • Share with Government and other relevant stakeholders the combined experience and views of MIF participants to inform policy and regulatory activity;
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of network rollout (e.g. effective implementation of the Product Security Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act, improved planning approval rates, supportive business rates regime);
  • Generate positive public and local decision-maker sentiment and action that supports the delivery of world-class mobile infrastructure and associated wireless connectivity;
  • Foster closer relationships between landowners and infrastructure providers, including working with the National Connectivity Alliance (NCA).
  • Work closely and align with Mobile UK and its Mobile Network Operator (MNO) members on relevant infrastructure matters.

Belinda Fawcett, Chair of the Mobile Infrastructure Forum, commented:

“The launch of the Mobile Infrastructure Forum is a significant milestone in our efforts to support the delivery of world-class mobile infrastructure throughout the UK. The four organisations are committed to working with our stakeholders to ensure that the UK has the mobile infrastructure it needs to thrive in the digital age.”

More about the MIF

The Mobile Infrastructure Forum comprises four members who are represented as follows:

  • Cellnex UK – Jonathan Freeman, Strategic Growth and Regulatory Director
  • Cornerstone – Belinda Fawcett, Director of Property & Estates and General Counsel
  • Mobile Broadband Network Limited – Juliette Wallace, Legal and Property Director,
  • Wireless Infrastructure Group – Alastair Davidson, Director

MIF’s participants work on non-competitive topics in accordance with UK competition law. The Mobile Infrastructure Forum is supported by Mobile UK, which will act as its Secretariat.

To keep up to date you can follow MIF on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mobile-infrastructure-forum/