WIG welcomes the new Gigabit Infrastructure Act

Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG), the UK market leader for neutral host infrastructure and connectivity, welcomes the new Gigabit Infrastructure Act (GIA) which was passed on Monday 29th April 2024. The regulation seeks to accelerate the roll out of advanced high-speed networks across Europe and encourages the shared use of existing infrastructure. The GIA marks a significant shift by granting Independent Towercos enhanced rights while also subjecting them to regulatory oversight for the first time.

Through the efforts of our trade association, the European Wireless Infrastructure Association, policymakers are now well-informed about the advantages brought by Independent Towercos. They play a pivotal role in attracting investment for the necessary infrastructure required to facilitate the deployment of advanced wireless infrastructure networks. Their business model incentivises the sharing of assets with all mobile operators, significantly boosting connectivity levels.

The GIA incorporates protections, including the requirement for Towercos to receive fair returns on investments and recognition of their business model when determining access prices for shared neutral host networks. Going forward, it’s imperative that we remain vigilant to ensure that Independent Towercos are not over-regulated within the broader telecoms sector, as this could significantly damage investment incentives.

WIG recognises the potential the GIA brings in transforming the telecommunications landscape in Europe, paving the way for a more connected future. The regulatory framework supports innovation and investment while fostering collaboration.