Unforgettable moments: The success story of the 2024 Polar Academy expedition

WIG is delighted to have supported another successful Polar Academy expedition. The Polar Academy is a unique charity that works with ‘invisible’ 14–17 year olds who may have experienced bullying, depression, or have suffered a bereavement. 

In mid-March, 20 teenagers from Bucksburn Academy and Braeview Academy set off from Glasgow and made their way to East Greenland, accompanied by 2 teachers, 1 doctor and 8 guiding staff. The teenagers had all successfully completed a year of skills and fitness training before being selected for the expedition.

The arctic expedition lasted for 11 days and required essential supplies including food, fuel, cold weather clothing, shovels, bear fencing and science equipment. They hauled sledges weighing 45kg across very icy conditions, wearing micro spikes attached to their boots.

For 4 days, they stayed at the main camp euphemistically known as the “coffee house”, undertaking science experiments, exploring glaciers and continuing a 10-year project to check the temperature of the ice pack.

Despite encountering numerous challenges including a devastated snowpack, sheet ice and colder-than-average temperatures some days, the group created unforgettable memories. Some highlights were spotting polar bear tracks, carrying out experiments that contributed to a decade long project to record ground temperatures and connecting with Greenlandic teens at the youth centre.

Back in the UK, the explorers are now sharing their inspiring story with thousands of other teenagers across the country.  Find out more about The Polar Academy and how you can support here.

WIG is delighted to have supported another successful Polar Academy expedition. Some images from The Polar Academy expedition 2024.